Partnership with our Clients

  • Aspac believes in a “partnership” approach with our client. We seek to truly understand the client’s requirements, culture and processes.
  • Our established client relationships allow us to understand the background to their business and how to find the best people to support their strategic direction.
  • The depth of this understanding enables us to act an effective advocate for our clients.
  • Aspac will advise our client should challenges prevail in matching budgets and requirements, based on current market findings.

Superior Talent Pool

  • The philosophy of our search is to identify the best available candidate(s) within our client’s budget and requirements.
  • We seek to be methodical, strategic and practical in our search approach. Following the development of a thorough Position Brief, the Aspac Consultant will execute a mapping exercise of the talent pool so as to ascertain the depth or narrowness and market sophistication of the immediately relevant / similar industry as our client, and its competitors.
  • We are research focused, which enables a quicker and higher turn-around. Our bespoke network and comprehensive candidate database, which has been grown over 19 years, enables us to deliver the best results within the shortest possible time.

Professionalism and Confidentiality

  • We believe that professionalism and discretion are key considerations in the search process. We understand the sensitive nature of our work thus limit any indiscretion of information flowing out to the marketplace.
  • We are able to manage the delicate and critical process of negotiation and candidate due diligence checks in the final stages of a search.
  • As part of our service, Aspac does provide clients advice to assist the transitioning of new leaders.